April 24, 2015

Weekend Getaway: Bachelorette Party in San Diego

Earlier this month, we planned & hosted our best friend's bachelorette party weekend in San Diego! 
The bride and most of the girls flew in from Phoenix, two girls came in from Northern California, and another girl arrived from Las Vegas. It was so great to meet new people and see friends we hadn't seen in years!

After meeting at a beach bar around the corner from our Airbnb apartment, we headed back to the place to pass out favors (cute & soft tank tops that read "Bride," "Maid of Honor," "Bridesmaid," or "Team Bride") before our wine & cheese welcome! That turned into walking the short distance to the beach to enjoy the sunset and catch up on the sand.

The next morning, after making a drink at the bloody mary bar, we all shared a mimosa toast on the rooftop and posed for photos with the beautiful bride before making our way to the beach to soak up the sun.

We stopped at a local beach bar for a quick drink and snack before heading back to the hotel & dinner... that was the plan at least. We all had so much fun that we stayed there until it was dark outside!

All of the planning & hard work definitely paid off. It was an amazing trip with an amazing bride & her fabulous friends! We just wish we could go back & do it all over again!

April 15, 2015

Get 1 Month of Rocksbox Free!

We love jewelry – rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings – but we seem to always recycle & trade the same few items that we've had for years with each other. That's why we were so excited when we were approached by Rocksbox and heard more about their It Girl program. If you're not sure what Rocksbox is, you're just like we were before we became RB It Girls. But trust us, once you give it a try, you'll be obsessed! 

How to Become a Rocksbox Shine Insider:
1. Sign up for an account on www.rocksbox.com 
take the style quiz so your Rocksbox stylist can choose the perfect pieces for your box.
2. Receive 3 hand-picked jewelry pieces in the mail 
wear them to happy hour, dinner parties, social functions, work, or around the house.
3. Return your Rocksbox whenever you'd like (shipping is included) 
receive another box with 3 more pieces of designer jewelry worth $200. 

If you fall in love with a piece, simply don't include it in your box when you return the other items. The pricing information for each piece is available in the box and on your online account, and you'll be billed automatically!

In our first box, we got the perfect mix of jewelry: a statement necklace, drop earrings, and a geometric cuff. Our favorite piece was the "Whitney" necklace by Perry Street – it's so sparkly and it's the perfect color for spring (& trips to the nearest ice cream food truck). We can't wait to see what we get next!

If you want to give it a try, you can get one month free when you use the promo code: bkcsquaredxoxo. It's free designer jewelry for 1 month, so give it a go! Let us know what you think of your first set in the comments!

March 29, 2015

10 Steps to a Stress-Free Work Week

It's no secret that we love our job, but the past few months have been full of big projects that seem as though they may never come to an end. Luckily, we're almost ready to reveal what we've been working on & we can't wait until it's ready for the world to see! When times get stressful or seem difficult to manage, it's important to enjoy the little things and take small steps during your work week to boost your happiness. 

Here's our list of 10 Steps to a Stress-Free Work Week:

1. Work out in the morning. 
Or if you don't have time, wake up a few minutes early to enjoy a moment to yourself – 
without checking work emails or starting your morning beauty routine.

2. Eat breakfast! 
Whether it's an apple, a smoothie, or a Luna bar, filling your stomach with something in the morning
 will help you prepare for a more productive day.

3. Make a to-do list for your day. 
Often times, we have so many items on our must-do lists, that it's essential to break everything down into small steps 
to make the work seem more manageable and less daunting.

4. Eat your lunch outside! 
If you "have" to eat lunch at your desk, take a five minute walk around the building 
or step outside for a moment to get a change of scenery.

5. Drink a mid-day tea, coffee, or juice
This little boost will get you through the 2pm-6pm slug. If your office allows you a "ten," 
walk to Starbucks or grab a treat from a nearby food truck.

6. Make plans with your friends after work. 
Having something to look forward to during the week – like happy hour, renting a movie, or TGIT Scandal night – 
helps make weekdays fun and not all about work.

7. Keep your room clean. 
Coming home should be the happiest part of your day after a long day at work, but coming home to a 
messy house/apartment can totally wipe out this effect.

8. Wine! 
Decompress with a glass of red wine before bed (or sleepy time tea if you don't drink). 
Not only is it supposedly good for you, but it will help you get a better night's rest.

9. Look away from screens. 
Now, we're still working on this one – but take your eyes away from your phone, computer, and television 
for 30 minutes before bed. We hear it's great for morale ;)

10. Get plenty of sleep! 
This sounds silly, but purchase a cute sleep mask & use it! Even if you have black-out curtains, 
putting on an eye mask helps you concentrate on getting that beauty sleep.

We hope these tips help you as much as they help us! 
Whether you're busy or stressed at work, school, or life in general, remember that it's just work! Life should be enjoyed & sometimes when we're really busy, we have to take pleasure in the little things. Have a great week! 

March 22, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Spring is officially here & we are so excited for everything that we have to look forward to this season! 
Big projects at work are finally starting to come together & I'm slowly putting together the d├ęcor in my new apartment. Our best friend is getting married in Northern California in May, and we're throwing her a fab bachelorette-party weekend in San Diego next month! And what I'm so excited about? An upcoming trip to Mexico!! 

What are you excited about this spring? Let us know in the comments!

March 05, 2015

Weekend Getaway: Newport Beach

Last weekend, we headed to Newport Beach to surprise our mom with a stay at The Resort at Pelican Hill for her birthday. Though we'd seen many photos of the five-star property at work, viewing the grounds in person was incredible – 
pictures do not do it justice! 
Golf course with ocean view and rotunda at The Resort at Pelican Hill

Rigatoni pasta with pepper at Andrea at The Resort at Pelican Hill

Cafe at The Resort at Pelican Hill gelato in front of gelato cart

Saturday was spent eating the best handmade pasta & sipping Bellinis and moscato at Andrea, exploring the grounds, decompressing at the spa, laying out by the pool, and spending time in our beautiful ocean-view bungalow – which was stocked with complimentary chocolate-covered strawberries provided by the concierge for mom's birthday celebration. 

Before we left on Sunday, we took part in a meditation flow class and treated ourselves to some of the resort's famous gelato! Even though we only spent one night on property, we really made the most of our time & felt like we were spending the weekend at an Italian villa. We cannot wait to go back someday for another mother-daughter getaway!